Hi, I’m Blake

I am a Breathwork Faciltator, Space Holder, Inuitive Guide & Transformational Mentor

I am not a healer. I can not heal you and I certainly will not try. Only you can heal you and I will hold space for that transformation. I will be with you in your pain and I will not try to fix it. I will invite and encourage you to feel the full spectrum of your human emotions. I will hold your hand as you dive deep into your being to discover your authentic truths. Because I believe

We ALL deserve to be held and seen in our truest expression of self.

I will help you navigate your needs and reflect back to you the places you may be over looking. I will provide tools to assist you in the exploration of your bodies innate wisdom and remind you that you have all the answers you need within you. And together we will decipher the messages that your body, emotions, and psyche are desiring to share with you.

My personal work began in a therapist’s office in 2009, one day she looked at me and said, “I want you to try this breath and body work I am sharing.” To which, I replied, “No, thank you.” I felt better about paying her to hear me talk then actually having to do the work myself, until one day I had to find the tools to better deal with the depression and anxiety I was experiencing.. After two months of intensive work together using breathwork, she handed me two texts books and sent me on my way. I spent the next two years practicing this work on my own and allowing it to open me from the inside out and envelop my being. The trauma, the pain, the energetic blocks I released in this time were huge, my own breath was healing me from debilitating symptoms, old patterns, and outdated stories.


After taking a 200 hour Yoga Teacher training on the Big Island of Hawaii, I was led to a yoga festival where I found “breathwork” on the schedule. I dropped into a session with Michael Brian Baker with no expectations or ideas of what was going to happen. After that session I knew I had to teach this modality, it was simple, profound, and transformational. I took Healer training 1-3 with breathwork facilitator and teacher David Elliot in November 2015 and then worked under Michael Brian Baker assisting him at yoga festivals May in 2016 with his Guardian training, as well as his level 1 breathwork training. My body has been my greatest guide and teacher showing me the spaces and places within myself that need work. My body shows me how to release stuck energy through breath, movement, and energetic practices. And my desire is to share this profound work with others, so that you too can connect with your body and allow the body to be your guide.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a powerful and ancient healing modality that at its core allows us to sink deeply into our body and become intimate with the emotional and physical sensations that we are holding in our muscular and nervous system. Breathwork is literally working with the breath to move energy and release old patterning so that we can be more in touch with our natural & primal being. There are an infinite amount of breath patterns that one can work with and each pattern can unlock and work with a different space and place in the body.

In my sessions, I integrate several breath patterns and body movements that I’ve learned in my 8 years of self cultivation and practice. Together we work with both breath and the emotions that arise in your session and merge the emotional/feeling body with the physical breathing body. In the marrying of these two bodies, I will be your guide towards harmonizing these experiences and bringing awareness to the places where you may be holding outdated & toxic stories. Working with and bringing awareness to these stories is where (I believe) the transformation occurs and the breath is what guides us there.

If you would like to know more or are curious if this work is right for you, book a 15 minute “Check-In” session with me by visiting the offerings page…