What is Breathwork?

Trying to explain what breathwork is, is a lot like trying to explain a psychedelic trip. It is almost impossible because every bodies experience is it’s own and it is different to each. The way in which your specific body is going to respond is going to be different and it is literally different every single time one invites in the breath. 


Here is one of the ways in which I have tried to explain it to others and let me be super clear, I am not a scientist, I have taken a few classes in anatomy but am by no means an expert. My understanding of everything in this world has come from my own experience within my body and teachings from my various teachers, guides, and mentors along the way. 


It is my understanding that each of our bodies has a bunch of different chemical reactions happening through out the day. Sometimes we take certain substances: medications, caffeine, nicotine, sugar, uppers, downers etc… that can effect these chemical reactions within each of our systems. Breath is like a substance. When we bring in intentional air into the body, specifically through the mouth, we are creating space between the muscles, joints, and bones. Why is this important or necessary? Often times, as children learning and navigating the world, something scary happens to us and we hold our breath. Where does that breath go? It doesn’t, it remains. It sits within the body and can create a negative thought pattern (which I will explain about in more detail in a later post). These ‘traumas,’ ‘memories,’ or whatever else you might refer to them as can create blocks and imbalances in our energetic, emotional, and physical bodies AND the breath can help release those. 


SO, Story to my point (yes, that phrase makes sense both ways because everything in life is BOTH AND) I really can’t even explain why or how breath work is as powerful and transformative as it is. Any explanation I give is not going to fulfill any inquiries one might have, only the breath can do that. All I can say is that breathwork has changed my life and has the power to transform and change others so long as there is a willingness for growth, surrender, and faith that everything is exactly as it should be.