“Who Am I?”

–Derek Zoolander


I was preparing for flight to San Francisco, my wings only half open, I was scared. The past three years had been an uphill battle with depression, anxiety, addiction,  diagnosed bipolar disorder leading to medications. I was IN IT when my therapist said, “I’d like for you to try this breath and body work one day.” To which I replied, “Mmm, no thank you,” and then finally a “Anything, please!” 


After two months of twice a week intensive work, she handed me two texts books and said, “take these with you.” I ate them both in one night and by ate I mean read and took everything my brain crammed in with me to college. The next two years looked like at home exorcisms in my San Francisco studio, days of not leaving bed, 21 year old back pain, inflammation, breakdowns, manic moods, just hanging on by the seat of my pants (Is that really a saying?). I was IN IT. I took journeys into my physical body finding painful and traumatic memories I had locked away in my sweet little heart. I blasted into the white light via the pain in my spine just to wake up hours later on the floor with insane amounts of energy between by hands, an orb I sent out into space because my body didn’t need it anymore. Sounds crazy right? All I was doing was bringing deep breaths into my body and moving my body into calculated positions to help release all the things my sensitive (yet strong and powerful) body took on. 


Fast Forward (to 1 year after graduation) >>> Moksha Yoga Festival @ the LA Convention Center (Wait, What?) 


I see Breathwork on the schedule and get a HELL YES in my head… 

I stroll into Michael Brian Baker’s Breath session and am taken on a shamanic journey guided by animals, plants, archangels, spirit guides, and breath. AND I leave knowing that this breath is my life’s work, literally THIS IS “IT.”