You’ve arrived

You have been arriving 

Since your first breath 

And will arrive every day 

In every moment 

Until you take your last 

Every breath is an opportunity 

A gift and a blessing 

To start a new 

Reshape the old 

You are healed 

You are whole 

You are becoming 

And unbecoming 

All over and over again


There is no stopping 

This trajectory and  

Sometimes you may feel like 

You are slipping backwards

Let me assure you 

You are only moving deeper 

Into the spiral of your existence 

Do you need a hand? 

Can I support you on your journey?

Do you seek the medicine I carry? 

And can I gratefully and humbly share 

These gifts with you?  

Blake_Rebirth []-12.png

 "I've sat in many of Blake's breathwork circles and experienced her private sessions as well.  I'm impressed with her intuition in holding and conducting the space.  Blake knows how to move energy, when to sing, when to be silent, when to engage and when to step away.  Every time I've worked with her she always does the right thing at the exact right moment.  Her ability to read energy and connect with the needs of her clients allows her to hold an incredibly healing space.  I'm very grateful for all the work she's put in to become such a strong facilitator.   I highly recommend Blake, I always leave her sessions feeling energized, healed, and held."

- Edward Deull -

(Kambo Facilitator)