Seasonal Being : 3 Month Mentorship

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Seasonal Being : 3 Month Mentorship


We are just as susceptible to the seasons as the trees.

The truth is we are always changing and adapting to our life and surroundings. And in that, our only true constant is change. Seasonal Being is a 3 month long mentorship for those seeking to connect and tune in with their natural rhythm and creative flow in our every changing lives and circumstances. Together we will work to develop and Tune into our internal compass and find life-giving tools and practices to support your seasonal nature.

The Commitment:

  • one meeting per week for 3 months (online)

  • 6 Breath sessions (60 min)

  • 6 Check in calls (30 min)

Month 1 : Identifying blockages & stories through deep listening

Month 2 : Navigating needs & boundaries

Month 3 : Leaning into self trust

$400 per month OR 1 payment of $1000

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