Season of the Witch : Fall Session

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Season of the Witch : Fall Session


Mondays 6-8pm (( Online Portal )) 4 weeks

Oct 7th : Devotional Witch : An Invocation
In this class we will explore our relationship to witch through our own personal stories and lineage and look at what it means to devote ourselves to our well being. We will be working with story telling, identifying plant allies & relationships, meditation, and more.

Oct. 14th : Herbalism for Self Care w/ Reishi
Plants are amazing allies for supporting us in taking care of our bodies, emotions, and spirits. This module will be focused on how to surround yourself with plant medicines and tools to help tend to the garden of your mind, body, and spirit. Learn how to craft your own nourishing tea blends, create your own herbal oils and body butters for self-massage, empower yourself with medicines to manage moments of stress, anxiety, and emotional pain, create altar spaces for plant medicine rituals, and other tips to infuse your life with the magic and medicine of the botanical realm.

Oct. 21st : Foundations of Communication : Spellwork
Communication is the foundation for all of our relationships both with ourselves and others. I will be sharing foundational tools for healthy communication, how to identify our needs, and using our voices to request these desires. We will look at the importance of intentionality with our language and the power of the written and spoken word.

Oct. 28th : Astrology w/ Elena
Each session Elena provides easy and applicable ways to work with the planets and stars. This season Elena's class falls on the New Moon in Scorpio. She will share some insights about this time and working with new moon energy as well as an introduction to the houses. Houses give us great insight into our chart and can help us easily identify the lessons we are being called to learn.

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